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My name is

Vishnu Ravi

I am a

Physician and Software Developer

I live in

New York City

Contact me

[email protected]

I went to school at

Cornell University & Albany Medical College (MD)

My interests include

Digital Health, Machine Learning

About Me

Hi, I'm Vishnu. I've been programming since I was a kid. Over the years, I've worked on many applications for various platforms.

I grew up in New Jersey, went to Cornell University for undergrad, graduated with an MD from Albany Medical College, and recently completed a residency program in Internal Medicine. My focus has been on developing apps that help healthcare providers take better care of their patients.

Below are some examples of my personal projects.

Selected Projects

Machine Learning


iOS & Android App


Mobile app that uses machine learning to prioritize radiology reports based on urgency of the findings. The physician can view the reports and act on them directly from the app.

Winner of MIT Hacking Medicine prize at Brigham and Women's Hospital Hackathon.

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Critical Results

Pebble Smartwatch App


The first smartwatch app that could display notifications for critical patient results from an electronic health record system.

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iOS App


Voice assistant that answers questions about patients from data in an electronic health record system.

Winner at AthenaHealth MDP Hackathon.

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Cyberbully defense training chatbot


Built for HackRU 2016 at Rutgers University

Chatbot designed to help kids deal with cyberbullies by training with a virtual bully in a safe space. Users can interact with Regina over Facebook Messenger or SMS. Regina works with a Dialogflow model trained with examples of bully-victim conversations and uses the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to determine the confidence level of the user when standing up to the virtual bully.

Winner of HackHarassment Innovation Prize.

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Off the Record

Private communication between teens and pediatricians


Built for InnovateNYP Pediatrics Challenge 2016 at New-York Presbyterian Hospital

As a teen, it’s embarrassing and awkward to openly ask your doctor questions about things like drugs, alcohol, and sex when your parents are in the room. Teens can text a number specific to their doctor which connects them to a secure messaging portal and delivers their message privately to their pediatrician's electronic health record prior to their visit.

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Encrypted communication over software-defined radio with speech-to-text
Built for YHack 2015 at Yale University.

Cheap and secure radio-based ground communication method for people in unstable situations using PGP encryption to ensure messages can only be unlocked by those intended.

Winner of Nuance Innovative Use of Speech Award.

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iOS App


Developed for NASA SpaceApps Challenge

Gesture-controlled app that helps Alaskan Ice Hunters navigate treacherous terrain and weather conditions using sea ice radar and weather data along with crowdsourced Carto mapping. Gesture-based controls allow hunters to avoid frostbite.

Winner of NASA SpaceApps Brooklyn and NASA SpaceApps 2016 Global Nominee.

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How Long Does the Residency Match Algorithm Take to Run?

An analysis and simulation of the algorithm used to match graduating medical students with residency training programs. Featured on Doximity, Hacker News, Reddit, FiveThirtyEight and others.

Research Publications
  • Lubricin as a novel nanostructured protein coating to reduce fibroblast density
  • Lubricin: A novel means to decrease bacterial adhesion and proliferation.
  • Modeling the Ability of Lubricin to Reduce Bacterial Proliferation On the Surfaces of Medical Devices


E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @vishnuravi

Facebook: vishnu.ravi

LinkedIn: Vishnu Ravi

Github: vishnuravi