Hi, I'm Vishnu.

I'm a physician and software developer passionate about innovation at the intersection of medicine and technology.


International projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Localing - help small businesses recover from shutdown (UK)
  • Alla Tillsammans - platform to organize non-profits to help vulnerable populations (Sweden)
  • Stay Home - a social distancing game (US)
  • CDC Tracker - track updates to CDC guidelines on COVID-19 (US)
  • Machbarschaft - connecting elderly in need of help to volunteers (Germany)

Selected personal & open source projects


Simulation of the algorithm that matches medical school graduates with residency training programs in the US.

Featured on NPR Planet Money, Doximity DocNews, Medium Top Stories, and Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight.


Open-source platform to monitor the situational safety of emergency responders using wearable sensors with web and mobile applications.

Winning Solution for IBM/National Institute of Standards and Technologies TechToProtect Challenge NYC - 2019


Natural language agent that assists with intake, triage, and documentation for urgent care and telehealth encounters.

Off the Record
Off the Record

EHR integrated app that makes it less awkward for teens to bring up sensitive health issues like drugs or alcohol with their doctors by utilizing self-destructing messages.

Hermes Assistant

Voice assistant that answers questions about patients based on electronic health record data.

Winner of AthenaHealth MDP Hackathon - 2013.


Application that sorts radiology reports based on urgency of the findings using a classifier.

Winner of MIT Hacking Medicine prize at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Finalist in the American Medical Informatics Association "Ideas that Work" competition - 2014.


Chatbot that helps teens practice dealing with cyberbullies in a safe environment while providing feedback and encouragement to improve confidence.

Winner of Intel HackHarassment Prize - 2016.


Mobile app for hunters and researchers in extreme cold climates to safely get access to information using gesture controls to avoid frostbite.

Winner of NASA SpaceApps Brooklyn and NASA SpaceApps 2016 Global Nominee.

Basic Sloth
Basic Sloth

PGP encrypted communication system over amateur radio for low-cost safe ground communication in unstable regions.

Winner of Nuance Innovative Use of Speech Award - YHack 2015.

Critical Results
Critical Results

Smartwatch app for physicians that displays customized notifications for critical results from patient lab work.


  • SimpleScribe

    Attempting to generate modern art with sensors.

    Winner of Texas Instruments Innovation Prize - 2015

  • Embeacon

    Tracking patients in the hospital using bluetooth low energy beacons.

    Developed for Stanford TreeHacks - 2016

About Me

I'm a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and software developer who has been passionate about coding since I was a kid.

I recieved my bachelors degree from Cornell University where I also co-founded the largest student media group, and my MD from Albany Medical College where I did research in nanomedicine. I recently completed a residency program in Internal Medicine from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Along the way, I've developed apps for healthcare and other industries, worked with machine learning applied to clinical data, and co-founded a TechStars-backed health tech startup.


Send me an e-mail at [email protected] or find me on linkedin, twitter or keybase.